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(Pocket-lint) - What defines a gaming cell this present day? It be a question that rears its head when for the reason that the purple Magic 6R, in selected, because the whole concept of the R - which stands for Racing , apparently - is to basically flip the gaming mobilephone thought on its head.

The pink Magic 6R is never as chunky a handset as the enterprise s previous gaming forays (such because the purple Magic 6). It a bit of mutes the usually flashy and dripping-with-shade accents for a softer searching, silver coloration finish. It be accomplished away with the dedicated game space switch, too, to make a handset it s, neatly, just a bit extra regular - an universal flagship in case you will.

On the one hand we really like this concept: there may be gaming-level goodness because of a 144Hz refresh expense OLED display and exact-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 platform powering things. Nonetheless it doesn t make complete feel: it be diluting the idea of a through-and-through gaming cell and, by using shrinking the frame, including some compromises to heat dissipation.

So, having weighed up using the crimson Magic 6R as our daily equipment over some weeks, is it gaming cellphone evolution or greater devolution?

Design & display
  • 6.67-inch AMOLED panel, 1080 x 2400 resolution, 20:9 element ratio
  • 144Hz highest refresh cost, 360Hz touch sampling expense
  • Dimensions: 163 x seventy five.3 x 7.Eight mm / Weight: 186g
  • conclude alternatives: Cosmos Black / Mercury Silver
  • under-screen fingerprint scanner
  • constructed-in shoulder triggers
  • There looks to be a bit of a shift going on in the trade. Further and further gaming devices are aiming at delicate or disguised designs. Be that the Acer Predator Triton 500 SE, as one gaming laptop instance, or this very mobile: the red Magic 6R.

    it really is evident within the Mercury Silver conclude, which youngsters there is some stencil-like shapes printed throughout the rear, is a often subdued conclude in purple Magic design language phrases. The silver colour is appealing, but the manner it magnetises fingerprints isn t.

    The camera bump additionally pops out by way of reasonably a ways, which looks pointless given the restricted high-quality and specification of these lenses - the chunkier purple Magic 6 is lots flatter, but then or not it s a whole lot thicker standard.

    that is a true differentiating factor concerning the 6R: at 7.8mm or not it s infrequently tremendous skinny, however being these few millimetres less girthy than other gaming phones makes it consider very different to use. It be also a lot lighter in consequence, landing under that critical 200g mark, making for a more comfortably pocketable machine.

    Some features that are a crimson Magic staple stay in location. There may be a pair of 400Hz touch shoulder triggers towards the good and backside of one facet of the cell - smartly, it be left and correct placed when in panorama orientation, which is the total aspect. These are additionally more subtly integrated than earlier than, without anything else an awful lot of a dip along the physique s aspect.

    Flip the 6R over to its entrance and the 6.Sixty seven-inch AMOLED display displays its face, surrounded with the aid of a neat black bezel and surprisingly gigantic and reflective front-facing punch-gap selfie digicam.

    The monitor is yet another key part of what defines this machine as a gaming mobilephone . With a 144Hz refresh expense - that you can also opt for 60Hz, 90Hz, 120Hz from the settings - the idea is that it presents extra smoothness and frames to make for the most effective daily and, of route, gaming experience. Factor is, the standard pink Magic goes one superior, at 165Hz, so the 6R is a bit more of a Lite handset via evaluation.

    you may have additionally obtained to accept as true with that, in reality, many flagship instruments this present day have 120Hz refresh cost monitors anyway. Or not it s fitting pretty normal in the trade, which comes returned to our opening query: what really defines a gaming cellphone this present day? The 6R s screen is respectable - OLED skill prosperous shades and deep blacks - nevertheless it s now not really standout in a busying crowd.

    efficiency & Battery
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 platform, 12GB LPDDR5 RAM
  • 128GB/256GB u.S.Three.1 storage, no microSD card slot
  • 4200mAh battery capability, 30W fast-charge
  • purple Magic OS 4.0 (over Google Android eleven)
  • Wi-Fi 6E (802.11 a/b/g/n/ac)
  • 5G connectivity
  • That the pink Magic 6R is much less chunky than its gaming telephone cousins seems like a winner. However, in fact, it effects in some issues. Namely that the mobilephone gets lots hotter, as the cooling system just isn t as capable here as you are going to discover within the regular purple Magic 6. But then there is no cooling fan - which we discovered noisy in the older equipment - so, in reality, the use of the 6R is plenty like the use of many different flagship telephones.

    That heat does not trigger a massive issue with battery lifestyles, relatively, which is a good job. We had a sense that the slim frame and for this reason reduce battery skill might now not deal with exceptionally well when gaming at 120Hz. Fortunately our expectations have been surpassed via the telephone, which has been lasting neatly all the way through a day - 16 hours in and or not it s relatively infrequent to hit the 20 per cent low battery warning. Select 144Hz perpetually, although, and you ll seemingly fight to get there.

    There are different contentions with the 6R compared to its full-fat bigger brother. The charging speed, at 30W, is half the speed. But it s still fairly quick to exact the battery up when plugged into a correct wall socket.

    a part of the purpose the 6R receives scorching if you turn up your demands is on account of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 platform at its coronary heart, which is the top-tier processor that you may find in any mobile for 2021. Its performance is every thing you ll hope: capable of handle essentially the most traumatic of cellular video games without challenge, other than that inevitable body warmth as a result. It be now not intensely hot, though, however might make your fingers a little hotter and greater slippy (which is rarely foremost considering that the rear conclude of this gadget).

    we ve additionally discovered pink Magic s application - which is constructed over Google Android eleven - to be extra good than outdated phones we ve used in the sequence. It s now not malicious program-free, but hasn t had massive fallout issues like we have up to now skilled (which have included being unable to pull app icons from reveal to display, as one earlier instance).

    it be more within the particulars the place the software lacks some refinement: the animated computers jumping into motion, not the deft smooth integration that you can locate in whatever thing like, say, the Xiaomi Mi 11i with MIUI 12.5 software. Notifications are additionally busy - there may be a lot of individual breakdowns that reveal in the swipe-down color and so it be more durable to control your way through every thing.

    somewhere else there is quickly storage, quickly connectivity due to 5G (yet another part of Qualcomm s offering right here), and fast Wi-Fi 6E connectivity. You see the quick theme there, on which the 6R promises.

  • Quad rear camera gadget:
  • leading (26mm): 64-megapixel, f/1.8 aperture, 0.8m pixel dimension
  • broad (13mm): 8 MP, f/2.0, 1.12m
  • Macro: 5MP, f/2.4
  • Depth: 2MP, f/2.4
  • Selfie digicam: sixteen-megapixel, f/2.0 aperture
  • not content with the three rear cameras of alternative contraptions, the 6R goes one enhanced with a quad camera setup. Apart from, definitely, it be now not more suitable - it be just an unnecessary depth sensor that joins the macro sensor, extensive-angle, and main snapper.

    other than the macro getting a bump from 2- to 5-megapixels in comparison to the typical crimson Magic 6, the main and extensive-perspective cameras stay very identical (apart from the main sensor shifts from a Samsung to a Sony one). That brings its share of positives and negatives.

    The sixty four-megapixel main sensor squeezes photographs right down to 16-megapixels by using one-in-four processing at first rate exceptional. Or not it s the main digital camera that you can be the use of most of the time, too, as the huge-attitude isn t obtainable by and large photograph mode. You are going to must shift to professional mode to be in a position to entry extensive-angle, which is a extremely unusual choice - especially as the leading photograph mode makes it possible for digital zoom, however no pinch-to-huge functionality.


    : main cameraMain digicam

    The main sensor uses very active autofocus that does an outstanding job of identifying and locking onto topics for sharp center of attention, whereas quite a few settings - AI (synthetic intelligence) scene identification and sensible image enhancement - can raise the visual enchantment of the images. Occasionally it overdoes issues, notwithstanding, with the smart image now not all the time that sensible - it will push reds to tiers of saturation that make such subjects appear to be they don t belong in a picture. Accepted exceptional is decent even though, albeit oversharpened.

    We re blissful that the macro camera has been boosted to five-megapixels, inserting it on par with that you ll discover within the Xiaomi Mi 11, as an example, however we do not suppose it s going to be a ordinary optic. It s no longer effortless to access, for starters, which is all a part of red Magic s peculiar administration of its cameras - a bit like the hiding away of the wide-perspective!

    As we have now lengthy spoke of of these contraptions: be sure you flip off the watermark characteristic! It be on through default and is, frankly, a dull atmosphere that no one basically wishes. Put off the watermark default already.

    not that you ll be able to be taking photographs, appropriate? You are going to be taking part in video games. As a result of, sooner or later, it is what the purple Magic 6R is all about. Or, in reality, is it?


    The pink Magic 6R is a magnificent and neatly-priced handset. But is it definitely and in reality a gaming telephone? There are some features to assist tell it aside however, basically, it be a good deal like many other flagships of the second.

    That items slightly of a conundrum. What s its actual aim? It heats up more than crimson Magic s chunkier options, for starters, and while it be definitely obtained adequate going on beneath the hood to crunch through gaming periods, so have many other flagship products - ones that may additionally additionally present generally better application and digital camera experiences.

    subsequently, it s been a cinch the usage of the purple Magic 6R, since the adventure hasn t introduced actual dimension irks or basically any extra major compromises. That or not it s blurred the that means of what a gaming phone can be is greater a moment of contemplation. After all, at this asking cost, you might not be bothered in regards to the gaming angle in any respect - and simply need a cheap alt-flagship without the in-your-face general gaming aesthetics.

    additionally agree with ROG cellphone 5

    there is nothing subtle about Asus Republic of gamers machine, which in its fourth generation we think is likely one of the best examples of a gaming telephone relevant for you to get your fingers on.


    Realme GT

    No, it be no longer selling itself as a gaming phone, but this is precisely our factor: if you need a Qualcomm SD888 phone for even much less funds, in an eye fixed-catching vegan leather-based conclude, then you re searching correct at a practicable option here.

    Writing by Mike Lowe.


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