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Social media has people satisfied that to be prevalent or adored on-line, one has to turn into someone else to appeal to the consideration every person so desperately craves. Time has proven people will go to notable, excessive lengths to building and maintaining their digital audience. From harmless imitations of ordinary celebrities to drastic measures of present process plastic surgery to increase their standard appear, each guys and women are inclined to suffer from distorted views of themselves and others on social media. Essentially the most conventional systems similar to Instagram, facebook and now TikTok can negatively impact ones own self-image as a person is inundated with photos and videos of people the world over supposedly living improved lives than their personal.

one of those people we are inclined to think about residing their optimum life on-line can be social media influencer Sommer Ray. Ray, who is partnered with infamous, a digital agency and design studio, has reduce her tooth on these social media systems for neatly over a decade now. With 26 million followers on Instagram, roughly ~2 million on YouTube, and over 10 million of TikTok, she has turn into some of the universal and dominant social media celebrities that so many look up to, certainly ladies and young women. Yet, many comprehend her for her appears, however few be aware of her for her mind. The elite digital influencer has carried out mind-boggling success online, but now her subsequent challenge is identifying how she can evolve from being an easy internet character that everyone adores to a multi-faceted fitness tycoon that may help her fanatics be their most efficient edition of themselves.

In a world the place everyone wants to be like Sommer, Ray wants to remind her viewers that actual lifestyles delight comes from being your self. Ray reminisces on her adventure of who she become before she had any social media money owed, how she s completed her success today (trace: be herself!), and what shell need to do flip her large digital identity right into a actual, lengthy-lasting, prestigious brand similar to Jillian Michaels, Jennifer Lopez, and Jessica Simpson.

Sommer Ray standing next to a punching bag.

Sommer Ray

Frederick Daso: How has the discipline you ve got gained out of your health historical past starting to be up formed your approach to developing content on social media?

Sommer Ray: I begun competing in bikini bodybuilding at sixteen, so I realized plenty about self-discipline and tough work ethic from a extremely young age. At the present time, I create my universal content material because it requires a commitment to grow and maintain a fun and engaging audience on social media.?

Daso: When did you land your first company deal? Was it whilst you had been nevertheless in high faculty? How has your view on which brands to align with advanced because you all started taking social media seriously as a career?

Ray: My first company deal was when i used to be sixteen, and it became with a manufacturer known as Myokore, and i still work with them. This changed into earlier than anyone knew you might make cash on Instagram, and Myokore got here to me and wanted to pay me to submit content material that i assumed become the longer term for social media. My family unit failed to bear in mind how i used to be making funds, which become funny.?

Daso: What s one element that you wish extra individuals knew about you it s overshadowed through your popularity as an "Instagram mannequin?"

Ray: I desire people knew extra about me greater as a person and knew my heart and views on existence in place of just focusing on my body/looks. I am making an attempt to share extra of the things i like with my followers and relate to them on a brand new level. I m an incredible animal lover and grew up on a ranch in Colorado, so i am now not usually what americans expect in accordance with my Instagram.

Daso: What become starting to be up on a ranch in Colorado like? What had been a few of your favourite memories from living on the ranch that fashioned who you will have turn into nowadays?

Ray: growing to be up on a ranch turned into my favorite aspect, and i would not exchange that for anything else. I simply hung out with my siblings all of the time, and we have been also homeschooled, so all we did turned into go outdoor, rode horses, and were all the time playing outdoors. We didn t even have cable, so I wasn t ever influenced with the aid of the rest in the backyard world, and i now have a crazy appreciation for nature and animals. It fashioned me into the grownup i m these days, and i have loopy morals and stuff because of how i was brought up. Human values and morals come from how each adult grew up, and that i became raised in a lovely home.?

Daso: What are your favourite animals and why? Is there anything about these animals that have an effect on who you want to become in the future?

Ray: I actually have many animals. I even have six snakes, three dogs, one cat, a tarantula, two frogs, and three beta fish. My favourite animal within the entire world is an animal I can not even have, which is a cheetah. I like all jungle cats, but cheetahs are my favourite. They are literally my spirit animal, and that i suppose they re so majestic and robust, which is exactly what I need to be, and they are very revered in the animal kingdom. This is why i really like them so a good deal!

Ray conserving a medication ball within the gymnasium.

Sommer Ray

Daso: currently, you ve outlined that you want to be greater of an concept to girls. In an age of OnlyFans (OF), how do you painting yourself as an choice edition of feminine empowerment, health, and fitness?

Ray: I think there s nothing incorrect with individuals making cash on OF; for me, I need my manufacturer to develop into a huge empire and do not desire the stigma linked to the platform to cease me from having that. I need ladies to believe empowered to construct their personal agencies and notice me as a businesswoman beyond just a fitness model/influencer. I additionally all started and grew the #beyou flow with my store because I want all people to be assured in who they are.

Daso: Digging a little deeper right here, what s explicitly the stigma linked to OF combating you from participating on the platform? How would this stigma detract from the brand you are attempting to construct past social media?

Ray: The stigma associated with the platform is that individuals believe of porn or X-rated content, and that is the reason ok for americans to do that, nevertheless it doesn t work for me and the plans I actually have for my future. I have massive plans for my company and am looking for it to exist for a very long time, and that i would not want the stigma related to simplest enthusiasts to stop any opportunities i may have. Or not it s additionally a quick cash grab where I could at once make some huge cash, however i m working to have an empire that i m constructing that puts me there with Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, and different an identical girls.

Daso: what is your typical philosophy in how you live your life? Within the age of social media, everyone desires to be like someone else, and no one desires to be themselves. How are you making an attempt to motivate your followers to be relaxed of their epidermis on social media and in precise life?

Ray: My most tremendous philosophy in dwelling my existence is sticking to my "Be You" movement. I even have at all times stayed genuine to myself, and we live in a global where people are normally copying each different and stealing from every different, and that i think it s impressive to be impressed through someone, however no longer to copy or steal. We all need to find out who we re and be at ease in that. Americans are always striving to be excellent, and perfection isn t enjoyable, and it be now not pleasing. We will all simply be ourselves and be extra enjoyable, and also you are the simplest you on the earth; why try to be like any individual else.

Daso: How does being active on social media either boost or detract from that philosophy? How do you believe which you could leverage social media to showcase greater of your proper self instead of the focus being on what you appear to be?

Ray: I actually have a love/hate relationship with social media, and it is hard to steadiness it as a result of everybody gets on there and compares themselves to somebody else s spotlight reel, so it really is some thing that i am engaged on. I m trying to be greater open and showing my authentic self rather than focusing on what I seem like. I all the time are attempting to current myself naturally on social media. I do not use Photoshop at all. I don t want women to have false expectations of me, and i are attempting to live genuine to myself as a lot as i will be able to.

Daso: the place does your stance in opposition t plastic surgery come from? Has that stance been tough to hold dwelling in LA in certain?

Ray: i am only a lover of natural beauty and love when individuals look at themselves uniquely. When americans get cosmetic surgery, they do away with the materials that make them probably the most exciting, which is probably the most fascinating issue. It has been complicated dwelling in LA as a result of so many groups have desired to give me surgical procedure/remedies in change for posts. I do know that other women will come right here and take that bait and alter themselves because it looks like it be what each person is doing, and that would not ought to be the case.?

Ray sits on the bench press.

Sommer Ray

Daso: you might be probably the most first people I ve heard with a sought after state of your stance against plastic surgery. As a lot as social media has fueled the rise of younger women going under the knife, how will you employ your platform to encourage ladies to include their herbal attractiveness?

Ray: I do not ever are looking to criticize any person for having cosmetic surgery. All and sundry has the appropriate to do something they want, however I don t consider we may still inspire women and younger girls to get cosmetic surgery. These days on TikTok and other social media, everyone is posting their nostril jobs or their boobs, butt, and lips (BBL), and i consider it s unsafe. Mainly, I consider it is dangerous to move below the knife and put your existence in danger for some thing it truly is floor level, and that i need girls to think about it in normal before determining to go under the knife for anything that can also no longer be worth it within the conclusion. I additionally trust that herbal and delightful our bodies will come lower back in vogue, and the fashion of getting all this fake stuff will go away and that i believe we should still all embody being natural and never follow the vogue.

Daso: When growing new brands or releasing new items beneath your identify, what s your idea procedure round making sure your new intellectual property reflects your personality while nevertheless resonating with your target viewers?

Ray: I think i m a pioneer for the social media space, so i love to mirror my method to content advent in own brands that I build. I are looking to disrupt the business via bringing whatever thing completely new and diverse to the desk. My aim is to develop into a magnate and extend into different industries like elegance and trend and do it whereas closing committed to most effective putting out issues that i love one hundred%.?

Daso: What are some up-and-coming manufacturers you are establishing that everybody may still be searching for in the future?

Ray: one of the unique things coming this yr is my first ever Sommer s Camp adventure! This may be an adventure that mixes my love of health and wellbeing with nightlife and fun summer season actions. I have been working closely with notorious. Collectively, we are guiding a one-of-a-kind experience that has on no account been executed this fashion before.?

separate from that, I simply launched ingestible skincare gummy with my new beauty brand known as Imara?s attractiveness. Our "Glow" gummy is a PETA-licensed and vegan gummy meant to plump, repair and hydrate your skin. This is my first huge start into the elegance trade, and i m so excited for everybody to are attempting it!

Daso: How did you get involved with notorious? How are you leveraging them to adapt your manufacturer to be called a body-positive health multi-millionaire?

Ray: I met the group at notorious via some friends, and that i thought they d a superb vibe, so we moved right into a working relationship. We have been participating on tasks when you consider that, and it has been entertaining. It be first-rate to accomplice with them as a result of i do know that I may also be myself and have a good time with them. They have got also been capable of make all of my visions a fact. No remember what I get a hold of, the infamous group works with me to bring it to lifestyles. For Sommer s Camp, we focal point on making health "fun" as a result of that is how I feel it would be. My intention for my brand is to make fitness a life-style rather than whatever you do, and they re helping me do that.?

Daso: In our old dialogue, you outlined the way you need to beginning creating content on Twitch to allow you to join even closer along with your fans. What classification of content material do you have lined up, and how will such content permit individuals to view you for who you are instead of what you look like?

Ray: A viral vogue on Twitch at the moment is just chatting with enthusiasts while streaming. On social media, I do not get to have that personal relationship with my fans, so I need to construct a neighborhood of people who wish to get to grasp me and take capabilities of being able to create a extra very own connection with them on Twitch.?

Daso: Your live adventure, "Sommer s Camp" in Palm Springs, is shaping as much as be one first predominant in-adult gatherings due to the fact the pandemic begun. Past having a massive viewers, how will you leverage the event as a platform for physique positivity and feminine empowerment?

Ray: i am hoping that Sommer s Camp enables me to join more personally with my female supporters. I want them to get to understand me in a more sit back and enjoyable environment. My goal is for them to remember there is extra to me than they believe. I need to spend the weekend with them doing the issues i really like and believe they ll love too.

Daso: How will you assess which brands to accomplice with for Sommer s Camp that replicate or increase your ethos round female empowerment and physique positivity??

Ray: all the manufacturers that I will be working with for the adventure are brands that I actually have labored with in the past and have an excellent relationship with. For me, it is about bringing manufacturers that I believe and comprehend i can count number on. It is also critical that the brands that I partner with for my first most important adventure have supported me in the course of the years.


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