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Willamette tuitions legitimate Snapchat account tells the colleges story with an emphasis on the school of Arts & Sciences. Content should build group among existing students and provide potential college students an authentic experience of Bearcat existence. Content material producers snap distinct, interactive narratives based on their ardour for and participation in university corporations, pursuits and academics.

short guidance story, viewers, show off (SAS)

Story: tell a story. Set the scene. Where are you? Who re the characters? Why are you telling this story? How does it tie into the more advantageous Willamette narrative? How does it end? Snapchat is linear. You couldt insert snaps into a published story. Put together forward. Define or storyboard your posts. Follow your snap skeleton but on location adjust and improvise. Its a give and take.

viewers: regular viewers have an interest in Willamette, beneath 30 and may be potential college students. Hold snaps authentic, enjoyable, upbeat, clean and respectful. Use normal experience. Avoid political affiliations, profanity, sexual references and issues that could alienate viewers.

showcase: What do you re keen on about Willamette? Whats enjoyable? Show off it. Exhibit viewers what you and they recognize and love, or give a special, insiders view. Go behind the scenes; if crucial, ask permission to profit entry. Interview organizers, membership individuals, faculty, and so forth. Make sure interviewees be aware what youre doing and are at ease being featured (see under).

Snapchat Dos
  • Introduce your self at routine and announce that youre snapping, so people that dont are looking to be featured can say, no.
  • Be friendly and gracious. Respect individualss boundaries and thank individuals.
  • Be effective. Signify the college and its college students, college, body of workers and larger neighborhood in a good gentle.
  • Ask permission. When featuring particular people, get their verbal consent earlier than recording them. If the circumstance calls for recording them first, then ask for consent after. When in a public region or now not focusing on a selected adult or neighborhood of americans, you dont need to get consent. When unsure, ask permission.
  • have fun and be artistic. Use your own account to scan. Comply with what different universities are doing on Snapchat; enhance upon their most suitable ideas.
  • Do over. If a discipline stumbles or says some thing offensive. Ask nicely to reshoot the snap devoid of the profanity, and many others. If they withstand, thank them for his or her time and flow on.
  • Plan forward. Storyboard, define, arrange interviews, and so forth. Do a preview snap before you cowl an event. Put together some snaps ahead of time; Tom can demonstrate you the way.
  • Coordinate with other content producers. Just one adult will also be logged in at a time. When critical, talk by way of text to steer clear of knocking someone out of the account.
  • Shoot vertically.
  • Use campus filters when applicable (an athletics filter for a wearing experience).
  • Share Willamettes snapcode if you happen tore out. Help build an audience.
  • Adhere to the schools students Rights & obligations, requisites of behavior and copyright policies. No alcohol, drugs, profanity, nudity or degradation in posts.
  • end the story accurately. Thank your viewers. Use the link function to give them a call to motion about greater suggestions pertaining to your branch, org or adventure.
  • post snaps to the universitys My Story and, in case you like, additionally to Our Story.? (don t post to My story friends best.)
  • Snapchat Donts
  • When doubtful, dont. In case you believe a snap is questionable in content material, dont post it unless youre capable of join with one of the crucial directors by way of phone or textual content.
  • Dont log in at the equal time. Only one grownup can be signed in at a time.
  • Dont change any account settings. Dont observe bills, dont add pals and dont send individual snaps.
  • Dont overuse selfies. Feel of your self as a reporter and storyteller, youre a part of the story, but the center of attention shouldnt be most effective you. Selfies must enhance the narrative.
  • Dont take political positions. Your area might, however you should continue to be neutral.
  • Dont snap whereas riding. This is unlawful and very dangerous.
  • Dont be disillusioned or upset if an administrator deletes a submit. They are the curators. You might no longer be aware about different concerns occurring behind the scenes.
  • Dont be afraid to ask questions of the directors. Were right here to support.
  • Dont share or exchange the password. Here s a violation of the universitys accountable Use of counsel expertise substances coverage. The password is equipped for off-campus takeovers when use of university Communications mobile isn t possible, reminiscent of for foreign places takeovers.
  • Roles and contacts

    administrators: tuition Communications staff individuals who oversee content material, tune followers and metrics, and produce snaps.

    First contact: Tom Mayhall Rastrelli, director of digital communications

    Secondary contact:?Elizabeth Borrego,?supervisor of digital enrollment marketing

    when you are chosen for a takeover, the director of digital communications will contact you by means of electronic mail with more details and to install a gathering to move over the guidelines and plan your takeover.


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