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hi there, i am Johnny Knoxville

and that i m going undercover on the internet.

[upbeat music] here s definitely Me.

[keyboard clicking]

Oh, why you gotta deliver this up?


How lots damage did Johnny Knoxville do

to his physique while performing stunts on Jackass

and did he age swiftly?

hiya, Louise?

I all started Jackass four a brunette, now I even have silver hair.

So, I bet I aged fairly abruptly.

and i have no idea if this is how much harm I did

to my physique on Jackass four or on the entire motion pictures.

i m simply going to answer on Jackass four,

otherwise we ll be right here all day.

So on Jackass 4, I broke my wrist,

broke my rib, and acquired a stunning gnarly concussion

which I had to live in sanatorium for like a weekend.

So, yeah.

Which Jackass actor had the most injuries

from the movie sequence?

each person has gotten a lot of injuries.

On 4, Steve-O busted his shoulder.

but, I consider my weekend in the hospital was likely

the most extreme damage.

however there may be, you comprehend, things happen.

Twitter. [upbeat music]

severely, it s in reality me.

xSadGirlSosa, i do know you were likely too amped

on adrenaline in the moment,

but do you remember being in ache after you shot yourself

with the vest on?

it truly is referring to once I validated a bulletproof vest

whereas taking pictures myself with a .38.

No, there wasn t ache. It was just worry.

cause I did not have satisfactory money to purchase a fine vest.

I purchased the least expensive vest they d.

The vest basically dispersed the impact fairly nicely.

It felt like a person had hit you in the chest with a shovel.

So, there became no ache.

It was simply fear.

Do stunt guys respect Johnny Knoxville? Just curious.

The stunt man on the set, like,

after I first begun doing films and Jackass had got here out,

I be aware on my first movie, the stuntman, they talked about,

hiya, you wish to take a seat with us all the way through lunch?

We always do not let actors sit down with us,

however that you can sit down with us.

You comprehend, that became a true honor to be able to sit down

with the stunt guys as a result of what they do is magnificent.

So yes, I actually have a fine deal of respect for them

and i consider they re all correct with what what we do.

where and the way did Jeff Tremaine

and Johnny Knoxville locate the Jackass crew?

neatly, most of us got here out of massive Brother magazine

the place Jeff become the editor.

and i turned into some of the contributors.

And Pontius turned into a writer.

and that they lined Wee Man, they lined Steve-O.

and then we type of joined forces with Ryan Dunn

and Bam Margera from the CKY movies.

and that s the reason how we, and Preston, truly,

he was a wild card.

He was on my couch on the time the exhibit happened.

And we acquired Ehren via Dave England.

he s like, we had been taking pictures the pilot,

hey, am i able to carry my pal to shoot?

Yeah, bring him.


became able to make pals with two of his heroes,

Johnny cash and Hunter S. Thompson,

before their respective deaths,

even purchasing a cabin and different possessions from cash.

I did get to satisfy Hunter S. Thompson

correct earlier than his passing.

i would met him before, years prior.

He became incredible,

pure personality, carried a doctor s bag round.

And it become filled with every little thing a doctor would have

in a bag.

He was very organized.

To have never bought to meet Johnny.

@TheWilsonMan11, when are you gonna discover a brand new crew

for a brand new technology Jackass?

well, i m completely satisfied you requested

as a result of we have a couple of new cast individuals in the new Jackass.

We desired to usher in some new blood, some fresh faces.

And so, we reached out to all our chums.

And we bought Jasper Dolphin from the Loiter Squad,

and Jasper and Errol s First Time.

His dad, darkish Shark, who s hilarious.

we ve Eric Manaca

who became in motion element with me.

Zach Holmes, who i was aware of

from just seeing loopy issues on the internet.

I mean, he is a much bigger fellow and simply goes for it.

he is definitely athletic.

Rachel Wolfson, the standup comedian.

She s brilliant.

And Poopies, boy, can not you wait to meet Poopies.

he is a complete Spicoli surfer-category, and just will go for it,

so, so hard.

Him and Zach, actually, you obtained to observe it,

as a result of they may do whatever thing you ask them.

So or not it s like, or not it s lots of vigour to have.

We need to appreciate that.

extra Quora.

what is Johnny Knoxville s sperm count?

My sperm count at the present time, I think is very suit.

however I bear in mind one time in Russia,

after we have been partying basically tough in around 2004, 2005,

we have been in some urology health center lower sex museum.

And we took my sperm count then and it became quite meager.

They put it beneath a slide, you understand?

and that they showed a match sperm under the slide.

Which it seemed like, you be aware of,

simply hundreds of fish swimming in the course of the sea.

and then they put mine up there.

All you saw were, like, 4 or 5 useless troopers

on a battlefield, and for the longest time.

and then eventually, two,

you noticed two troopers are about to have a heart attack.

and that they move.

and then once they crossed paths,

all and sundry in the room stood up and applauded.

it is how low my sperm count was then.

but, I ve had two little ones on account that then

and that i suppose it s recovered.

Why did Johnny Knoxville go away the tv series?

It became an election yr

and Joseph Lieberman got here down challenging

on our display we had been doing.

And alas, we had just a few copycat incidences.

You be aware of, he s desperate to be hard on Hollywood.

And he changed into pointing us out without delay,

which the network form of iced over.

and they had to actually come down on us for certain issues

because they were getting come down on.

And we could not do the exhibit like we had been doing it.

It turned into whatever else.

and that i loved the show too a whole lot to compromise it.

We had, like, OSHA americans assigned to the demonstrate,

saying you can t bounce off anything else better than three ft.

You understand, the constraints that we could not do the display.

So, I stop.

however then out of all that,

we decided to do the primary Jackass movie,

which opened us back up once again.

How a great deal of the price range for the videos is coverage?

God, on the primary film,

they didn t insure the whole movie, they insured per bit.

One bit we desired to do, they desired $5 million

to insure it.

We wanted Pontius dressed up, like, in a devil costume,

going to a type of Pentecostal church buildings

where they address snakes.

And to try this, they wanted $5 million.

And we re like, well, can not do that idea,

since the entire film, first film charge 6 million.

We cannot double the finances for one bit.



Johnny Knoxville s eyeball popped out of its socket twice

after he turned into injured while taking pictures the scene

on the Alpine slide.

It did come out of its socket twice.

You comprehend, I had a bad concussion.

and that i did not understand it at the time,

however i might additionally powdered this bone in my face.

It didn t wreck, it just disappeared.

and that i remember getting returned from the sanatorium that night,

and that i had a little blood in my nostril.

and that i simply type of took my fingers and blew, appropriate?

and then, my eyeball went. [Johnny making squirt sound]

and i referred to as the producer.

i am like, I bought to head lower back to the sanatorium.

My eye simply popped out.

He changed into like, Ah, ha, ha.

i m like, No, my eye simply popped out.

he is like, i could be right there.

after which about per week later, i was out with Pontius

and he said something humorous.

And for anything rationale, like,

I wasn t presupposed to sneeze for six weeks, right?

I wasn t allowed to sneeze for six weeks.

Which is like, in case you bought to, you obtained to.

That was the counsel I had.

but, Pontius noted something humorous.

and i went, I held my nose and laughed.

It went. [Johnny clicking his tongue]

So, I had double imaginative and prescient, pushed it returned in, first rate times.

just before Jackass airing on MTV,

the crew become given an opportunity from Saturday evening are living

to function their stunts on a weekly groundwork.

They declined, but Knoxville would host the display in 2005.

right as we had been getting able to do the pilot

for Jackass, Saturday night reside did present me,

like, three to five minutes every week to do something,

whether it s a prank or a stunt.

and i met with Lorne Michaels on the Beverly Hills inn.

and that i was extremely grateful

for the possibility to take a seat throughout from that man,

and, you recognize, in reality agree with the offer.

i was working in a cafe a year before, you comprehend,

and now i am sitting throughout from Lorne Michaels.

however in the end,

I determined that, God, Jackass became whatever that me

and all my chums were doing and we had handle of.

and that i simply notion, perhaps i could just wager on us.

and that i changed into very grateful for the present, however I simply bet on us.

more Twitter.

ok, this has an image of where I ruptured my ring finger.

And did you regain all of the move in it?

and the way long did it take?

okay, this is the one that is not injured.

And let s examine, it goes like that.

And here s the one that changed into injured.

It doesn t go as far, nonetheless it s pretty decent.

i used to be promoting dangerous Grandpa at a fraternity

and that i jumped up on the basketball web, appropriate?

i was attempting to climb up the basketball internet

and i snapped my tendon.

So, I didn t understand it unless later as a result of, you know,

a lot of consuming at the fraternity.

next! Instagram. [upbeat music]

picture of me in my Rice Olds Jersey from 1985.

Wait, does that imply you re really respectable at baseball?

i thought your ability became having no talent.

I cherished baseball.

I performed baseball until i was 18.

Like, up until the week i was relocating to la I performed

in a, you understand, I had a summer season league team

that i used to be taking part in on until I left.

i used to be in fact respectable in baseball.

it s the most effective element that I may say

that i was definitely first rate in.

i like it.

i was a pitcher on first base.

[upbeat music] YouTube.

Yo concussion, how many Johnny Knoxvilles have you had?

i would say 15 or 16 now.


believe i am respectable on concussions.

All appropriate, children, that s it.

i m signing off the information superhighway.

See you around.


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