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Arguably one of the vital prolific YouTubers to ever grace the platform, PewDiePie recently did a throwback video where he reacted to his historic reddit posts, and the effects just go to demonstrate how far the content creator has are available his adventure.

one of the vital elements of criticism raised all through the video was Felix s comments about "editing his personal movies," and how after fitting successful, americans now view him as a hypocrite.

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(Timestamp 5:36)

The reddit publish in question is a 7-year-old question where a fan asked PewDiePie why he failed to employ an editor on the time. To this, he answered:

  • I believe like i might be dishonest my lovers
  • My videos would lose an important part of me
  • I benefit from the challenging work
  • I need YouTube to remain "You" (yes, it s a cliche quote) I need to show that to even be the biggest channel on YouTube; you won t have to have some huge cash or hired team of workers involved. As long as you ve got a digicam and passion which you could go so far as you want.
  • In distinction to this remark, PewDiePie has now not edited his own video clips for an extended whereas now, with Sive taking over those obligations. With individuals calling him a hypocrite over this, PewDiePie had right here to claim:

    I feel I stayed actual to that. Chiefly on account that how most YouTubers run their channel. Yes, I dont edit my movies anymore, undoubtedly. However I also wouldnt be able to add almost adequate for this period of time. So its a change. I believe it s labored out awesome with Sive. I dont comprehend if this changed into meant to put me instantaneous, however I think I stayed authentic to myself and this idea.

    asserting that different channels function with a full personnel, finished with editors and writers, PewDiePie feels that he nonetheless, for essentially the most part, is right to his views. He feels that in spite of the fact that he would not edit his personal video clips anymore, they re nevertheless an correct portrayal of him and his personality.

    "however in loads of ways too, I pass over enhancing. I consider I added lots to my edits during the past. Now not to assert Sive didnt add a lot either. Hes added a sh*t ton. Nevertheless it comes from two different americans, and that will always be different. Its just how it is.

    whereas PewDiePie hasn t been enhancing his videos for a while, it be tough to argue that his content material hasn t been authentic to himself. With over a hundred million subscribers and the title of the largest individual content material creator on the platform, PewDiePie may also no longer be exactly the same, but he s truly doing something right.

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