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Deji Olatunji, the British YouTube famous person made most noted when he was knocked out by using Jake Paul this summer time, has discovered a brand new social media star with whom to feud. Its his own brother, KSI. And it appears the Deji vs KSI pork has gotten nasty reasonably right now.

heres every little thing you need to learn about Deji Olatunji, his combat with Jake Paul, and the way his feud with KSI all started.

who s Deji Olatunji?

Dejis full identify is Oladeji Olatunji, and at the age of 21, hes accrued 9.7 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

He was a relatively famous British YouTuber for his gaming video clips and comedy sketches. Nevertheless, the specter of his large brother KSI and his 19.8 million YouTube subscribers at all times loomed massive over Dejis profession. However when Deji all started feuding with Jake Paul in the leadup to their boxing healthy, he grew in recognition. The two boxed on the undercard of the Logan Paul-KSI card in London ultimate August, and although Jake Paul knocked him out, Deji turned into praised for his sturdiness regardless of his lack of boxing ability.

Deji fought a terrific combat. I recognize him, Jake Paul pointed out within the moments after their bout. i hope he learned a lesson about the issues he pointed out as a result of he observed some shit about my family that wasnt cool. However plenty recognize to Deji. No tough feelings.

As hes proven this week, even though, Deji continues to speak trash about families. This time, notwithstanding, its his own.

Deji vs. KSI YouTube feudDeji vs. KSI YouTube feud Deji/YouTube

study extra:

Deji vs. KSI: It began with Deji vs. Randolph

The feud actually took off last week when Deji and an extra YouTuber named Randolph, who works for KSI, have been beefing. Both swapped diss tracks on YouTube, and KSI obtained hugely upset when he found out that Deji had revealed a 4,000 (about $5,100) gift given to Randolph from KSI. The truth Deji confirmed KSIs financial records in his diss tune annoyed KSI, who said, Dont you fucking dare put my advice out on blast like that. I maintain that shit deepest. Mom, Dad, Im disillusioned.

within the diss song, Deji claimed KSI had paid for Randolphs whole marriage ceremony, however KSI answered by way of announcing it became easily a present.

deji olatunjideji olatunji KSI/YouTube

Dont get me worried during this shit, fam. Im simply observing, he stated. Thats on my folks. Mom, Dad, Im in reality disenchanted that you d let him into my debts and publish it publicly. What the fuck. Thats really pissed me off. Why are you getting concerned me with this? I didnt even pay for his wedding. That was a gift. He paid for his personal marriage ceremony.

That video, despite the fact, did not squash the beef.

Deji vs. KSI: Deji blasts KSI in YouTube video

In a video posted on Wednesday, Deji sat in entrance of his digicam for just about 10 minutes and blasted his brother, whos 25 years old and whose precise identify is Olajide JJ Olatunji.

prior, Deji published that KSI had blocked him on social media.

With my brother, youd expect him to all the time be in your side, Deji pointed out within the video. You expect household to be your No. 1 priority. With my brother, thats under no circumstances, ever been the case. My brother places friends first after which the household. It just doesnt make any experience.

He said displaying KSIs bank commentary became minuscule in comparison to the leisure of his brothers moves and that Dejis rage about his brother has been in his heart for a very long time. Deji stated he cant stand his brother and doesnt believe KSIs moves are forgivable.

He tried to smash me, he noted. He tried to smash my credibility for the worst. He tried to break me and it didnt work. So, hes pissed.

He additionally talked about KSI doesnt like the proven fact that Deji is close to their folks and that KSI isnt (though Deji said thats through KSIs choice). Its like, Deji pointed out, he doesnt need me to be part of the family.

Deji said he became satisfactory breaking off his brotherly relationship with KSI because hes a prick and because KSI once sent their mom a text message saying he hated Deji.

Ive carried out nothing but support you countlessly, Deji spoke of. Even should youre within the incorrect, I assist you. But youre stupid for your fucking head. Youre an fool. Youre an imbecile. I will be able tot stand you Youre an egotistical prick. Fuck you. Me and you are done, alright?

Deji vs KSI feud Logan Paul podcast ImpaulsiveDeji vs KSI feud Logan Paul podcast Impaulsive LogangPaulers/YouTube

On Dec. 6, Deji appeared on Logan Pauls podcast, Impaulsive, to speak to KSIs boxing rival concerning the state of their relationship. Deji spoke of KSI all started to exchange for the more serious after he moved out of their shared apartment. Thats when Deji pointed out KSI started distancing himself.

Deji also said KSI blocked his mother and pop on social media and on his telephone.

(Their parents) on my facet, Deji observed. They recognize hes messing up and that they dont take into account why hes acting this fashion. It doesnt make any sense.

Deji vs. KSI: The response from KSI

On Wednesday, KSI tweeted the following.


On Thursday, he vlogged about the condition, emphasizing again that he loves Deji and that he has supported him.

Brothers combat, brothers say issues they dont suggest, he mentioned. at the end of the day, i ll at all times love you. Fundamental as that.

KSI referred to hes tried to retain the family rely deepest, however he guesses thats now impossible. KSI referred to he is aware of hes been far away and thats my fault. however he referred to hes never too busy to get hold of a message from his brother. He also stated Deji is aware of its now not authentic that KSI doesnt guide his brothercertainly when KSI changed into training for his battle with Logan Paul and Deji became getting equipped for Jake Paul.

He additionally explained that he blocked Deji on social media for making his private assistance public.

I just hope youd called me, KSI spoke of. This complete aspect doesnt deserve to be public mother, Dad, Dej, Im attempting to fix this.

alas for KSI, the general public is hungering for the news. And they d get extra of it, primarily if Deji makes use of Logan Paul to get again at his brother.


Deji did, truly, make an look on Logan Pauls podcast on Dec. 6 to proceed speakme trash. He referred to KSIs apology video became?respectable however he claimed the motive KSI observed he turned into sorry become as a result of he become dropping subscribers, as a result of the feud. On the same time, even though, Deji referred to he nonetheless loves his brother to bits.

Deji vs. KSI: A Christmas dramaDeji KSI YouTube beefDeji KSI YouTube beef Deji/YouTube

After a few weeks of teenybopper sniping between both, the feud reignited on Christmas when KSI tweeted that Deji kicked him out of their parents condo.


Deji accused KSI of enjoying the victim card and trying to manipulate your fanatics to hate me. Deji noted KSI threatened to smash his desktop if he didnt delete a few movies, but KSI pointed out, I told you to delete the video clips about ME. I wanted to squash this pork but you pointed out the movies you made cost you money. I said Ill reimburse you and you stated no, you desire these video clips up as a result of your time and the views. All you care about is the views.

both went from side to side on Twitter about who owns the house where their parents are living, who their fogeys are siding with, and the way both are making this feud public when it should be dealt with privately.

KSI then launched this audio recording of their fight on Christmas through which Deji threatened to call the police if he didnt depart.


Deji countered that along with his personal recording wherein he observed KSI attacked their mom.


KSI referred to as Deji disgusting for accusing him of attacking their dad or mum, and Deji answered by means of saying, So manipulative.

just a few days later, Deji posted an apology video after he lost 20,000 subscribers in a 3-day span (and from Dec. 25-Jan. 1, hes misplaced a complete of basically forty two,000 subscribers). Since Christmas, KSI has remained silent concerning the challenge, notwithstanding he became evidently dismayed that Deji posted a video quickly after their altercation that day.



On Jan. 1, Dejis fogeys seemed on his YouTube channel to claim both brothers are attempting to solve their pork and asking their fanatics to stop the hate.

It has now gotten to the element that fanatics are coming to our house very late at night, the brothers mother mentioned. Even the police now are involved for our personal defense.

Their father said they couldnt even go searching as a result of theyre getting attacked.

despite both brothers pleas to each and every different to take this matter inner mostand despite the claim through some that this battle is in fact falseit seems like the Deji vs. KSI pork nevertheless hasnt been settled.


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