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Of all of the belongings you in no way would have guessed youd want just ten years ago, a YouTube subscriber counter would doubtless rank extremely. You possibly can have guessed that the little hits of dopamine accompanying each tick upward of a bunch can be so addictive?

because it turns out, a lot of people wanted to preserve a working complete of their online fanatics, and a bewilderingly varied ecosystem of subscriber counters has cropped up. All of them count on the API that YouTube exposes for such functions, which as [Brian Lough] elements out is about to exchange and spoil every subscription counter ever made. Within the YouTube sub counter space, [Brian] is both an enabler C he constructed an Arduino wrapper to fetch YT sub counts without problems C and a serial builder of shows for different YouTubers. The video below suggests a collection of his work, many according to RGB LED matrix screen, like the one used in his Tetris-themed sub counter. Theyre all smartly-built, pleasant to study, and regrettably, destined for obsolescence someday in August when the API alterations.

The particulars of the API changes were made public in April, and for the subs count number it amounts to rounding the count number and showing significant counts as, as an instance, 510k as adversarial to 510,023. Were confident that [Brian] and different display builders may be in a position to salvage a few of their counters with code changes, but others will likely require hardware changes. Thanks, YouTube.


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