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Roku vs. Google, part 2: YouTube TV app pulled from Roku Storeamplify reader comments 206 with 115 posters participating Share this story

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  • Roku warned us on Monday that this may occur. This morning, the company introduced that YouTube television isn t any longer available on the Roku Channel store. Google and Roku are squabbling over Roku s carrying settlement, just like you might see in an old-faculty cable television carriage dispute. The leading point of contention looks to be over the AV1 video codec, a brand new, greater efficient video commonplace that seems poised to be the brand new regular going forward.

    With the two businesses unable to come to an contract, Roku says the YouTube television appan app for a $65-per-month carrier that supplies 85+ live cable television channels over the internet, now not the regular YouTube apphas been pulled from the Roku channel save. Latest clients will proceed to be capable of use the YouTube tv app on their Roku instruments, however new clients might not be able to check in.?here is Roku s full commentary:

    we re disappointed that Google has allowed our contract for the distribution of YouTube tv to expire. Roku has now not requested for one dollar of extra fiscal consideration from Google to resume YouTube television. ?

    ?we have most effective requested Google for four elementary commitments. First, now not to govern purchaser search outcomes. 2d, now not to require entry to facts not accessible to any individual else. Third, not to leverage their YouTube monopoly to drive Roku to accept hardware requirements that could enhance consumer charges. Fourth, no longer to act in a discriminatory and anticompetitive manner towards Roku. ?

    ?as a result of our contract has expired, we ve eliminated YouTube tv from our channel store. To proceed to supply our users with a superb streaming event, we are taking the added step to continue to present latest subscribers access to YouTube television on the Roku platform except Google takes movements that require the whole removing of the channel. Because of Google s behavior, new subscriptions will not be accessible going forward until an contract is reached. ?

    ?it is smartly previous time for Google to embody the concepts that have made streaming so usual for thousands and thousands of users by using giving consumers manage of their streaming adventure, by way of embracing reasonable competitors and with the aid of ceasing anticompetitive practices. We consider patrons stand to advantage from Google and Roku reaching a good settlement that preserves these concepts and we stay dedicated to trying to obtain that purpose.

    today, Google posted?a blog publish in response, asserting, "regardless of our highest quality efforts to come to an agreement in the most advantageous pastimes of our mutual clients, Roku terminated our deal in dangerous faith amidst our negotiation. Regrettably, Roku has commonly engaged in this tactic with different streaming providers." Google flatly denied Roku s claims that Google wanted person statistics and wanted to manipulate search, saying, "To be clear, we now have in no way, as they have alleged, made any requests to entry person information or intervene with search outcomes. This claim is baseless and false."

    commercial The 411 on AV1

    while these negotiations had been purported to be concerning the $sixty five-per-month cable television alternative provider YouTube tv, Google says Roku "chose to use this as a chance to renegotiate a separate deal encompassing the YouTube leading app, which does not expire unless December."

    The statements from Google and Roku seem to dance across the concern of? AV1 video codec assist, which an prior file from Protocol revealed is at the core of this dispute. Roku says that Google changed into attempting to "leverage their YouTube monopoly to drive Roku to accept hardware requirements that would enhance consumer charges," while Google says that "[o]ur agreements with companions have technical necessities to make certain a high quality adventure on YouTube."

    Google continues, announcing, "Roku requested exceptions that would ruin the YouTube journey and restrict our skill to update YouTube with a purpose to repair issues or add new features. For example, by using not supporting open source video codecs, you wouldnt be able to watch YouTube in 4K HDR or 8K notwithstanding you purchased a Roku machine that supports that decision." it be not clear why nobody can write the letters "AV1" in a blog put up, but this commentary is truly about the upcoming video codec.

    AV1 is the successor to Google s VP8 and VP9 video codecs, and building has moved from being an in-house Google task to an trade-backed "Alliance for Open Media." AV1 s bandwidth-saving talents and royalty-free license have earned it backing from virtually each large video and hardware business, together with Google, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, facebook, Arm, Hulu, and a ton of other corporations.?like any advanced video codecs, AV1 requires hardware decode support for playback on slower gadgets like streaming sticks, set-accurate containers, and phones, hence the entire allusions to "hardware" and "technical" requirements.?Google has been pushing manufacturers to pack in these manufacturer-new, extra high priced SoCs so that it will possibly roll out AV1 aid to a wide viewers.

    extra analyzing YouTube is now building its own video-transcoding chips Google is awfully enthusiastic about AV1. Bandwidth is a major charge of operating YouTube, and the rest that outcomes in Google sending much less statistics to play a video can retailer the business lots of money. Google is so aggressive about switching to AV1 that it created its personal video transcoding chip to make the work of re-encoding YouTube s huge video collection over to AV1 easier.

    despite Google s inner zeal for AV1, when it comes to streaming hardware, Roku is definitely doing a more robust job assisting AV1 than Google. The legitimate scoreboard suggests that Roku has one AV1-appropriate machine, the $a hundred Roku ultra, whereas Google sells zero AV1 streaming devices. Google s most recent, most high priced dongle, the?$50 Chromecast with Google tv, does not have a chip that helps AV1. Google has made AV1 help obligatory for Android television contraptions, however once again, those are different organizations devices. Google should be leading with the aid of illustration right here, but it is never.


    no person has been in a position to get AV1 working on an inexpensive streaming box, and Roku s $100 extremely is in regards to the most cost-effective AV1 streaming box on the market. Roku goes approach extra down-market than that, notwithstanding, and it doesn t seem like the business may present the Roku express on the latest $29.99 MSRP if it had AV1 guide.

    whereas the two companies aren t seeing eye to eye on the AV1 codec, Google says this would not need to outcomes in the instant takedown of YouTube television. The business says, "Our present to Roku turned into standard and nevertheless stands: renew the YouTube television deal beneath the present low-cost terms."


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