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Traffic Man Operation Page Introduction

Brush all users: is to help others brush video connection, currently mainly brush youtube video

; My brush points: show when helping others brush video links, you will get brush points, which will increase in the cumulative number, display

; here in my brush points My recharge brush point: if you want your website (youtube video website) to get a lot of display, you need to brush trading market to buy a lot of brush, buy brush point, will show in my recharge brush point here, and after buying brush, your daily maximum consumption brush limit, will increase to unlimited, as long as your recharge brush point all used up, and bought the user's website (youtube video website) will be the most priority display

; My total brush point: My total brush point is the sum of all the brush points combined, including the recharge brush points, generally my total brush point = my brush point my recharge brush point

; My share points: When you need to go to the brush point trading market to buy brush points, you need to recharge my share points in the officialtraffic Man. After I can buy my share points, and with my share points, buy 20% off

; Maximum consumption points every day: the maximum consumption points is the maximum limit of ordinary users every day, at present, ordinary users every daily maximum limit of consumption points = 80000 brush points, for example: if a user computer resource is strong enough, traffic software open, every day is 160000 points, but because is an ordinary user, so the maximum limit of consumption points is limited to 80000 points, that is, his daily website (youtube video) is displayed at most 80, 000 seconds

; Real - time consumption of points: it is the real - time consumption of points every day, this data is cleared every morning, and then brush from scratch

; Load the web page this button: is generally used to log in the youtube account, when you log in the youtube account, you get the points every time to help others brush the video website, will increase significantly, login steps: click the load web page button, this time will load the youtube website, and then manually log in to your youtube account

; Show / refresh all my points: After clicking this button, display or refresh all points in my user information, and generally refresh youtube video every time



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